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State Meeting Overview

The State Meeting of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science is held each May at The Pennsylvania State University in University Park.  All first award winners from Regional Meetings are eligible to compete at the State Meeting. Approximately 3,000 of the best and brightest science students from Pennsylvania’s twelve separate PJAS regions descend upon State College each May to present their research.

Students who earned First Awards at their Regional Meeting are eligible to participate in the State Meeting. Sponsors must notify the Regional Director about those eligible students who WILL NOT be attending the State Meeting.

Additionally, Sponsors must complete the Sponsor/Technician/Chaperon Registration Forms/Website for their Regional Director within 2 weeks of the completion of the Regional Meeting. Students who will be attending the State Meeting will need to complete and submit the required medical forms.

Please contact your Regional Director for the current fees to attend the State Meeting.

Students will be expected to behave in an acceptable manner, please review the Code of Student Behavior prior to attending the State Meeting. Students should also review the Preparation for State Meeting page and the States Overnight Checklist for additional details.


Dates & Location for State Meeting

The dates for the 2022 PJAS State Meeting are May 15, 16, and 17. The State Meeting is held at the main campus of The Pennsylvania State University in University Park.     


Adults attending the PJAS State Meeting

The PJAS State Meeting is an enjoyable event but it is not a vacation. PJAS operates with all volunteer help. EVERY adult attending the State Meeting is expected to supervise students and to perform assigned duties.

Every teacher must judge. Stop in the designated room (see the PJAS Booklet) in the Findlay-Johnston Commons on Sunday afternoon to pick up your judging packet. Every adult who is not a judge will be assigned a 2-hour shift of chaperone duties. Chaperone information will be included in your registration packet.

SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS IS VITAL.  Please realize that this is a huge responsibility.

  • Arrange regular check-ins with your students. Set up a meeting place and time and require all students to report to you at that time. It is suggested that you eat with your students.
  • Check rooms on arrival and departure for any conditions that need attention.
  • Make a bed check each night at curfew time.
  • Inform students of YOUR room number.
  • Students should know the name of their Regional Director(s).
  • Have with you the name, address, and phone number of the parents of all your students. It is best if you carry this information with you.
  • Provide your students with evacuation procedures for your dormitory building.


  • No running, no throwing, no horseplay.
  • Female students are not allowed in male dorms; male students are not allowed in female dorms.
  • Students must wear their nametags at all times. Nametags must be easily and clearly visible. Nametags must be worn on the shirt.
  • All students must observe all curfews and must be quiet after lights out.

All sponsors and chaperones should feel free to correct any student who is acting improperly. The information desk can contact any of the Regional Directors if a student’s actions so warrant. There is a student behavior code available on this website and also printed on the back cover of the state book. Make sure that your students are familiar with this code.

Help your students to do their best. A little preparation work with your students will prevent many problems. Have each student check the booklet to find the project-judging unit to which he/she has been assigned. Make sure that each student knows the time and location of the unit. Campus maps are provided. If there is a problem, see your Regional Director. Take the time on Sunday evening to hear each student’s project and to offer encouragement.


Student Presenters attending the PJAS State Meeting

Eligibility for States

Eligibility for the PJAS State Meeting is based on a student's participation and award at the Regional Meeting

Participant Eligibility: Students who have received First Awards for the Regional Meeting are eligible to attend the State Meeting.

Project Eligibility: Students entering the State Meeting must present the same project they presented at the Regional Meeting. However, students may continue to improve their projects by collecting more data, deepening their analysis, etc.

Presentation Eligibility: When giving their presentation at the State Meeting, students must abide by the same guidelines as used for the Regional Meeting. Please take the time to read the sections on Presentation Eligibility and General Notes on the Use of Audiovisuals on the Rules & Eligibility page.  For more specific presentation guidelines for Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Science Presentations, please refer to the Presentation Guidelines page.


Evaluation and Scoring

Scoring for the State Meeting will be conducted in the same manner as the scoring for the Regional Meeting. Students' Research projects are judged on their own merit in meeting the PJAS criteria for judging rather than in competition with other projects. Please read our Evaluation and Scoring Guidelines for additional details.


Preparation for the State Meeting

Students who will be attending the State Meeting will need to be complete and submit the required forms.  Students will be expected to behave in an acceptable manner; please review the Student Behavior Code prior to attending States.

Students should also review the Preparation for State Meeting page and the States Overnight Checklist for additional details.

Read more: Prep for States




Student Technicians attending the PJAS State Meeting

Please check with your Regional Director about the number of technicians each school is permitted to bring to the State Meeting.

Expectations of a technician are as follows:

  1. All students will report to the mandatory Technicians’ Meeting on Sunday night. The time and location will be in the state booklet. Students in grades 7 and 8 must have an adult present to pick up the assignment card.  
  2. Technicians will have either an A.M. or P.M. assignment based on their grade level.  If needed, the technicians from some regions may be required to do both an A.M. and P.M. assignment.  Schools having both an A.M. and P.M assignment will be notified via email prior to the State Meeting.  (Note: the regions that had double duty last year will NOT have it this year.) If all regions bring an adequate number of technicians, there would be no need to have some students do both an A.M. and P.M. session. 
  3. All students will come to the Technicians’ room Monday at their assigned time to pick up their technician packet.
  4. Technicians must be neatly dressed.
  5. All students will come with a stopwatch and a pen or pencil. A cell phone may be used in place of a stopwatch but the phone must be set to silent. 
  6. As directed Sunday night, note the various times on the technician's score sheet.  Mark the presenter's time at five minutes to go, two minutes to go, and when concluded.
  7. If the student exceeds their time limit or the judges exceed their time limits, please place an "XXXX" in the appropriate "Exceeded" column.
  8. Sign the technician sheet.  Then have the judges sign it.  The technician must then immediately return the technician sheet, packet, and other times to Mrs. Cobbey in the Technicians' room.
  9. Be sure to find your assigned rooms on Sunday night to avoid being late.
  10. If you fail to do your assigned duties as a Technician at the State Meeting you will not be permitted to attend next year’s State Meeting even if you receive a First Award at your Regional Meeting.
  11. Day packages may not come as technicians.


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