Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science

Prep for States


Required Forms

Students who will be attending the State Competition will need to be complete and submit the required forms. Please check our Resources Page for a list of forms. If you do not know which forms may be required, ask your Sponsor or contact your Regional Director.


Student Responsibilities and Behavior

Students will be expected to behave in an acceptable manner, please review the Student Behavior Code prior to attending States.  Students should also review the Preparation for State Competition page and the States Overnight Checklist for additional details.


State Competition Fees

State Competition fees are to be paid within 2 weeks after the Regional Competition. All fees are non-refundable; if a student decides not to attend the State Competition the registration fee is not returned.  Please contact the Regional Director for the current fees.

No student will be denied participation in the competition due to financial reasons. If financial assistance is needed, please contact the Regional Director so accommodations can be made.



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