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Use the links, tips, tools and resources throughout this website to learn how to conduct your research using proper scientific method, as well as how to prepare for your presentation.

You'll find a breakdown of the Scientific Categories of Research, Presentation Guidelines & Scoring Rules, Scoring Rubrics and more on this website.  Plus we have all the current forms that you need to submit for your project. 


Other Resources at Your Fingertips

Your sponsor, teachers, parents and other members of the community are your best resource.  They can help you with your research and there is no better source to help you prepare for your presentation than the people who are closest to you.


Specific to YOUR Region

Use the PJAS State Regional Map to link to information that is specific to your region ... PJAS State Regional Map


Student Resources

We have prepared a Resource Center that contains quick-links to many of the resources found within this website, from Meeting Guidelines and Judging Criteria to all of the required ISEF Registration & SRC/IRB Forms and other valuable Student resources.

... PJAS State Resource Center



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