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Presentation Eligibility

Students must abide by very specific guidelines when giving their oral presentation.  It is very important that you take the time to read the following Presentation Eligibility Guidelines. Please contact your Sponsor or the regional Director if you have any questions or need further clarification:

  1. The student giving the presentation must be the one who conducted the research. Absolutely no substitutions are accepted.
  2. The presentation must cover research that has not been presented before unless it is a new phase of an on-going project.
  3. The presentation shall not exceed a time of ten (10) minutes. A timekeeper shall give notice (with flash cards) to the student and judges. There will not be a reduction in score for presentations of less than ten minutes.
  4. Upon completion of the presentation the student may be questioned ONLY by the judges for no more than five (5) minutes. The timekeeper will give notice of the time limit.
  5. The student shall not be interrupted during the presentation and no one shall be permitted to enter or leave the room during the presentation.
  6. The student may use notes during the presentation, but reading the entire presentation to the judges is considered "bad form".
  7. No materials may be passed to the judges during the presentation, but the judges may ask for material during questioning.
  8. The student may use any audio/visual technique (e.g., charts, pictures, graphs, projections, etc.) to present relevant ideas. These techniques are to supplement the presentation; they are not to replace the presenter. The actual experiment may not be used in the presentation. However, in Computer Science projects, it may be appropriate to show the actual operation of a computer program. In cases of doubt as to the appropriateness of the presentation, the Judging Committee will make a final determination. For additional details regarding the use of Audiovisuals, see General Notes on the Use of Audiovisuals below.
  9. Only a PJAS technician may assist the judges or the student.
  10. Each student will give their presentation in the same order as listed in the program booklet. The judges may make an exception for unusual circumstances.
  11. The judging team may not add a student to the program without official notice from the Registration Committee or its representative.
  12. If there is a question of student eligibility, ONLY the judging committee or judging chair may disqualify the student. The judging committee or judging chair may ask for input from any source they wish.
  13. Questions concerning any infractions of the Rules for Judging are subject to the investigation and ruling of the chair of the judging committee.

Students must conduct their own research and give their own presentations (absolutely no exceptions) in one of the 12 Scientific Categories of Research

Students must also submit any applicable SRC/IRB Approval Forms that may be required based on the chosen field of research. If you do not know which forms may be required for your project, ask your Sponsor or contact your Regional Director.

Please take the time to read our Rules and Eligibility Guidelines for additional project and presentation guidelines and/or requirements.



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