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Student Registration Process



Online registration is only available this year for REGIONS 2 & 7.  . Go to the Registration page and SELECT your region from the list.


Once a User is Registered, they may LOGIN to the system at any time to ADD or REVIEW PROJECTS.

If you have NOT regsitered yet, please REGISTER FIRST.



Need Help? If you are experiencing difficulties with registration, click on the link below to contact YOUR REGION for support.




  • Online registration is only available this year for REGIONS 2 & 7
  • You must REGISTER on YOUR REGION-SPECIFIC Registration Page (Find Your Region)
  • Each Student must register their OWN account in the Registration System
  • Only ONE registration per student is required
  • Students MUST enter their OWN Projects (Sponsors CANNOT enter Projects for Students)
  • Multiple Projects are entered under the same registration
  • Your Email Address will be your Username to login; therefore the email addresses must be unique to the user



  • GO TO the PJAS.net Registration page
  • SELECT your Region Link from the list  
  • Register on YOUR REGION-SPECIFIC Registration Page
  • CHOOSE SECURE PASSWORD (8 or more alpha-numeric characters)
  • SELECT SPONSOR (Choose "NO SPONSOR" if your Sponsor is not listed)
  • COMPLETE all additional required fields
  • CLICK "REGISTER" at bottom to complete your registration

You are now logged into the Competition Registration System

You should be logged into the system at this point. You do NOT need to do anything else to activate your account. A CONFIRMATION EMAIL will be sent to the email address provided for your records.

You can use the menu on the left to navigate to the "Projects" & "Users" tables: 

  • USER TABLE: YOU will be the only 'User" visible in the User table. If you need to update your User Profile, you can access your profile here.  
  • PROJECT TABLE: The Projects table will contain all of YOUR Projects.  You may add your project(s) at this time - OR - return to the Registration System later to add project(s). 


You may add your Project(s) immediately - OR - return to the Registration System later anytime before the deadline to ADD a Project or UPDATE a Project as needed.

  • CLICK the ADD link to enter your project information
  • Research Forms are REQUIRED on ALL projects
  • Make sure you have submitted any additional SRC/IRB Forms which MAY be required for your project
  • Use the ISEF Forms Wizard or work with your Sponsor to determine which forms you need
  • ALL SRC/IRB Forms must be APPROVED PRIOR to beginning your Project(s)
  • Multiple Projects must be added individually (but may be added during the same login session)
  • Use the menu on the left hand side to navigate
Sponsors CANNOT add projects for their Students.  Projects are assigned based on the User who enters the Project.  Therefore, Students MUST login and enter their OWN Projects.

  • Your Project & ISEF Forms will be reviewed by your Sponsor & Regional Director for APPROVAL
  • ALL SRC/IRB Forms must be APPROVED PRIOR to beginning your Project(s)
  • You will be notified if you need to change your project in any way or submit additional forms

You may login anytime before the deadline to ADD a Project or UPDATE your project as needed.


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